Level/Prerequisite Curriculum
Intro to Becoming A Star This class has been design just for our babies 3-5 to come learn the basics into tumbling!
Tumbling Level 1

Backward Roll, Handstand, Cartwheel, Round Off, Backbend Kick Over, Back Walkover

Tumbling Level 2 Standing Back handspring, Toe Touch pause back handspring, back walkover back handspring, round off back handspring
Tumbling Level 3 Jump(s) to Immediate back handspring, round off back handspring through to tuck, Punch Front, 
Tumbling Level 4 Standing tuck, standing handspring to tuck/layout
Tumbling Level 5 Jump(s) to tuck, Standing Full, standing handspring to full/double


Classes & Camps

We offer Recreational cheer, tumbling and school team classes! 

Check out our level 1-5 tumbling classes online! We coach levels 1-5! Classes are limited and we do offer privates! 

Come learn with the best! Email theallstargym@yahoo.com with any questions! 

The All-Star Gym


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